Orbital simulation of CST satellite performed with AGI STK.
Orbital simulation of CST satellite performed with AGI STK.

Since September 2019, I joined Cambridge Space Technology (CST), Cambridge’s first space company as satellite mission analyst and designer.

The mission

CST’s mission is to provide provably secure cryptography globally. We aim to provide direct access, for government and commercial users, to quantum keys distributed via satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Our strategy is to use currently available infrastructure and launch systems, along with cutting edge quantum entanglement technologies to deliver commercially advantageous solutions. We are launching in environments that demand rapid and highly secure communications, aiming to establish a ubiquitous service for mobile users globally.

The project

Cambridge Space Technologies will push the boundaries of quantum technology. Our first project will place a CubeSat in LEO, facilitating a new standard of secure communications.

My role

As a mission engineer intern, my role is to perform preliminary mission architecture and optimise the orbit design using professional tools such as AGI STK.


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